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About: Lee Bernard

"I am passionate about supporting people to improve their psychological well-being".
Qualifications and Experience


I trained with WPF Therapy a London training institution with a reputation for clinical and academic excellence. I hold a  Post-graduate Diploma  in Psychotherapy Theory and Practice from the University of Roehampton.
I hold an Advanced Certificate in Couples Therapy. I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and follow their ethical codes and professional standards of confidentiality and practice.
I have trained and worked as a Samaritan providing support to people distressed and in despair. I have provided counselling and coaching support to children in my local school. I provide counselling and psychotherapy to people across all areas of the community.
About Me
We all face difficulties from time to time. Sometimes the trigger can be a bereavement or a job loss and sometimes it can be an accumulation of small things built up over time. My own experience of therapy as a young teen was positively life changing. It did much more than sort out my muddled and confused mind it also brought about an inner self awareness and self confidence that was empowering. It also provided me with a capacity for ongoing self-analysis. Witnessing a family member suffer with mental health issues left me feeling quite helpless. This was a difficult and distressing time. My personal therapy experience is in part what inspired me to embark on a career in this profession.
Prior to my work as a counsellor and psychotherapist I worked for 20 years in commercial management and business leadership roles. I therefore understand how personally challenging and demanding working life can be. The topic of mental health in the workplace is important for any business to consider and I now work with business leaders in this area. I hold a diploma in coaching through the highly reputable Academy of Executive Coaching in London. As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I am passionate about improving mental well- being. I support people who suffer with stress, anxiety, frustration, anger and depression which impacts their daily lives and the lives of others around them. My own weekly personal development has brought about a strong level of self-awareness that enables me to develop powerful alliances with my clients which consistently results in successful therapy outcomes.   
I practice counselling and psychotherapy in Thaxted, Essex: 
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