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The First Step

"It takes courage to recognise that you have difficulties and need help".
     Therapeutic Approach
As a psychodynamic therapist my approach acknowledges that there is more to ourselves than our conscious awareness. Our thinking, feelings, behaviours and actions are informed by our lifetime of experiences which are held within our unconscious mind.
Unwittingly we develop defence mechanisms to keep these experiences from entering our conscious awareness particularly painful events and memories. These defences use up much energy protecting us and preventing us from confronting them; so much so they can exhaust us and wear us down. What's more they impact our attitudes and how we think, feel, behave and act which we sometimes not altogether understand. This can leave us with more unwanted feelings. My therapeutic approach helps to understand and make sense of what is not understood and brings about understanding and inner contentment.
Initial Consultation
I offer an exploratory consultation which will last 90 minutes. I will invite you to talk about what brings you to therapy. It is understood that the nature of what you have to talk about might be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss.
 The consultation will enable me to consider how your difficulties are affecting you and discuss what therapy is best suited to your needs. The session will conclude with a recommendation of how best to proceed. It is important to point out that I provide a non-judgmental service and work in the strictest of confidence.
I practice counselling and psychotherapy in Thaxted, Essex: 
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